About Conference

Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk
The Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility Warsaw School of Economics
The Institute of Management of the University of Szczecin


are pleased to inform you about the event and date
of the XVIII International Scientific Conference Euro-Trans 2022

"Transport and Logistics Towards a Blue Economy and Green Transition"

which will be held on 19-20 September 2022.

In 2021, the Faculty of Economics from the University of Gdańsk joined as co-hosts of the Euro-Trans conference group. The ambition of the organizers is to create a large international event that brings together outstanding scientists and representatives from academia, government, non-governmental organizations, and the business community from Poland and abroad. This prestigious event will be a platform for the exchange of the latest knowledge and state-of-the-art on the functioning of the transport, mobility, and logistics sectors. Euro-Trans has been a key conference on the European event calendar. It considers important developments of the European economy central to the implementation of modern solutions in the transport-forwarding-logistics sector.

The rotating conference takes place in three of the largest academic centers in Poland that represent the classical school of thought in transport economics: Warsaw, Sopot, and Szczecin. In addition to academicians from Poland and abroad, representatives of businesses and public institutions will complement the event’s unique format of developing long-term partnerships and working towards long-scale solutions. Not breaking with tradition, the Euro-Trans 2022 Conference will include additional cyclical-style meetings that will discuss changes and progress on topics from past events. The exchange of views, experience, and the integration of communities is of key importance when conducting scientific research and for publishing results in prestigious publishing houses.

The two-day event, from 19-20 September 2022, will be organized in Sopot by the Faculty of Economics from the University of Gdańsk in its first-rate conferencing facilities located on-site. The Sopot center has an exceptional track record of hosting large events and related conferences profiling selected TSL themes. Specific to the Sopot School of Transport Economics and Logistics key events will be interlinked with the Euro-Trans 2022 Conference with invited delegates from previous events also held at the Faculty:

  • TranSopot—Challenges of transport development in the 21st century (conferences having their genesis in 1992),
  • GlobMar—Global Maritime Conference (international forum for scientists and professionals in the academia, industry and government to address recent research results in the global maritime economy with special focus on current shipping, ports and administration issues), and
  • Modeling of logistic processes and systems (presentation of logistic methods and tools to increase the effectiveness of service, trade and production activities).

The Euro-Trans 2022 Conference will be conducted in a hybrid form with debate being conducted in English. Representatives of all sectors interested in transport, mobility, logistics, and the maritime economy are welcome. Please note we are in close contact with health authorities and are aware the number of in-person participants will depend on the health regulations in Poland and other countries.

We kindly ask you to include in your calendar of events the Euro-Trans 2022 Conference and look forward to hosting this prestigious event. For further information on the conference, please visit our website for the event details, program, and terms of active participation.
We hope to see you in Sopot, the jewel of Poland’s Baltic Riviera, come September 2022!